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This page contains a steadily increasing list of competing member's biographies covering things like membership term, trophy run, nicknames, motor spec etc. You can post your own to me if you like, at

Anyone that doesn't, I'll make one up anyway and have a rummage under your motor when your not looking!! (and you can bet your version will be a lot more flattering than mine! The balls in your court for now but the clocks ticking!!)

Also, if you tell me your motors "standard", expect some espionage, I'm not swallowing that for a second!!

Martin Foulds

James Morgan

Nigel Metcalfe

Ashley Nelson

Mark Pollitt

Matt Russell

Andy Smith

Jon Uttley

Andy Wilcox

Ken Williams


Barry Alderson

Mark Barnes

Neil Barrow

Andy Berry

Chris Berry

Clive Bottomley

Brian Braithwaite

Martin Carter

Colin Cavalier

Nathan Cavalier

Nick Clegg

Tony Dearnley

Paul Dunford

Warren Dunford

Chris Fairbairn

Ray Fallows

James Farrow

Andy Fisher

Paul Green

Jez Harrison

Mark Harrison

Dave Hemming

Tony Holmes

Gary Maxwell

James Middleton

Ian Mounsey

Phil Rigg

Ed Roe

James Shaw

Darren Sinclair

Heath Smith

Dave Thornton

Sean Todd

Glen Withers

Paige Alderson

Sam Withers

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718



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