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03/06/2013 The Grinch is Back!!....And it's not even Christmas!!

Clive has bought Dr. Evil's spare motor!. He finally persuaded the better half, Linda "Teacher's Pet" Shaw into the navigators seat of Man-Duck's double entered beastie and she only went and made him go out and buy one so she can do it again!

15/05/2013 Hawshaw has been Lost!!

Apparently another club has been in and butchered it so badly that the owner won't let anyone on again

If anyone knows of any land that might be suitable as a replacement, contact Mark Barnes on  07866 506521

19/08/2012 Professional Photo's from Catlow by Paul Inskip....Click Here


18/08/2012 Pennine will be Club Of The Month in Land Rover Owner International's November Issue, on sale from 1st October onwards
27/07/2012 Matt Russell's gone over to the dark side!!. He's bought a class 2, 3.5 V8 trialler of Andy Fallows!!
12/03/2012 New Bumper Stickers are now available at all events. See Sue or Phil if you want one

Click Here to see what they look like




For Sale: QT Service 86” CCV/ Comp Safari motor ARC class 10 CCV class Nine Comp/Safari 3.5 V8 on carbs, LT77 gear box, LT230 transfer box with Rakeway short rear output shaft plus X brake, salisbury rear axle with disc brakes, long travel shocks, plus numerous spares

£2,500 ono

Contact: Reg Wilkinson on 01229 587608 or 07774010797

Click here for Pics


21/02/2012 As a matter of Health and Safety, the club is clamping down on improperly wired up automatic gearboxes. Such gearboxes must only be able to be started in either Park or Neutral and their activation must not incorporate the use of external switching. Anyone presenting with such a vehicle after Rockingstones will not be allowed to compete!
21/02/2012  Please be advised that, due to Catlow in June being part of the 50th celebrations, with substantial interest expected from other clubs, it will not now form part of the Pennine championship calendar in 2012. It will be replaced in the championship timetable by Robin Hood's Bay at the August Bank Holiday instead, for this year only.
27/01/2012 Steve Mitchell's flogging his Class 4, 3.5 V8 trialler!.

It's priced at £2,200 and can be viewed on Ebay, using item number 120846436407. Alternatively you can email

20/01/2012 Anyone recognise this old '80 Comp Safari motor. I've got a chap who's bought it and is going to do it up to trial and is hoping someone's might have some old pics of it in action.

If anyone can help with pics or history, let me know at and i'll forward it on or put you in contact.


13/01/2012 The Annual Dinner/Piss up is in Burnley this year, on 28th January 2012. We're going to the Aroma Indian Restaurant (, at 7.30pm, first and then on from there to see how many pubs we can drink dry!

If you want, you can start with the serious alcy's and the Bene Brigade at the Plumbe Street Miners Club at 6.00pm but don't blame me if your legs have stopped working by 10.30 if you do!! (27A Plumbe Street, Burnley, Lancashire, BB11 3AA)

12th Jan 2012 In you won a trophy in 2010, please return it for engraving (even if you've won it again in 2011!)
12th Jan 2012 If you're still new to the sport, you are probably missing a spill kit. According to RAC MSA regs, all competing vehicles are obliged to carry a spill kit for cleaning up fuel and oil spills on the land. We will be checking that everyone has one a an event soon so please ensure that you obtain one if you're without. You can get them cheaply on Ebay (£5-£10)
3rd Nov 2011 YROC are having an RTV trial at Catlow this weekend (Sunday 6th November). This is an open event and all can attend if anyone fancies a bash.
26th Oct 2011 Massive thanks to Graham Lord, an old member and former committee member from the 80's who has come through with the last four missing entries of Bottom Box, completing the set. The issues in question are 1, 17, 31 and 33

Cheers Graham!!

22nd July 2011 We've all been blessed with an invite to NCORTC's event at Tong on the 18th September so our own event at Merrydale is cancelled and we're all off there instead, mainly because it's a much better site and also it's where we would have gone anyway if we'd been able to get a date out of the landowner!!
12th July 2011 HELP!! Has anyone got any snaps from Kendal they can let me have for the website?
14th June 2011 Unfortunately the score cards for Robin Hood's Bay have gone adrift which is why the scores aren't on the site. If you we're there, please email me with your scores for both dates so we can complete the record on Cheers.
2nd June 2011 ATTENTION!! All competitors who attended Robin Hood's Bay!!

On the Sunday we we're attended by a sports photographer in the shape of Paul Inskip (His website's linked at the top left of all our web pages). He's taken lots of photo's of your endeavours and all are now available to view and/or buy on his website at

12th May 2011 Good news. With huge thanks to Heath Smith, one of our old members, almost all of the missing issues of Bottom Box have been recovered and are currently in proofing. I will get them onto the site to read ASAP.

Issues found are 2-7, 10-25, 27-30, 32, 34, 35, 76, 78, 82, 85, 92, 95, 99, 196-198 and 200-201.

10th May 2011 We’ve been invited to an “Open-Event” Punch Hunt at Buildwas Off-Road Centre on Sunday 15th May, starting at 10.00 am. Entry is £30 for anyone who fancy’s a bash.

30th Mar 2011 Here are some photos of Colin Cavalier's old lightweight, lovingly restored by it's new owner and playing out with the Red Rose!
30th Mar 2011 Does anyone recognise this motor? It was bought from one of our illustrious band of brothers over ten years ago by a chap called Mark Strangways.

Has anyone got any old snaps of it from it's pennine days that they could let him have a copy of (he's Happy to pay for copying.


28th Feb 2011

On Saturday 5th March 2011 at the Station Hotel, Nelson in Lancashire at 7pm there is a Charity Night in aid of Robinsdeams, the clubs sponsored charity. This is a young boy who has cerebal palsy & is going to America for an operation, costing £45000 because the NHS won't pay.

On the night the live entertainment is MISS SUGAR-PLUM (drag artist/dj/caberet). Also Raffle / Auction items that we have so far are: BFC v Millwall Tickets, Leather Motorbike Jacket, 2 x Driving lessons, Perfume, Aftershave, a laptop , carvery meal x2 ,various sets of smellies ,wine , spirits, chocolates, easter eggs, beauty treatment, slow cooker, photo shoot, 1.5lt Bacardi, 1.5lt Jack Daniels & 1.5lt Courvoisier

14th Feb 2011

ATTENTION!! your website need you!! (or more accurately the products of your camera).

As is often the case, I got roped into marshalling at Hawshaw due to lack of available bodies, so I only have photo's for the group I was with to stick on the website.

If you took any snaps at Hawshaw, please either email them in or better still, bung them on Photobucket and send me a link to the album. (


11th Feb 2011

Yorkshire Land Rover Owners Club are  running a May Day event at Crosshills that's open to other clubs, It’s a full 5 day event from the 28th of April to the 2nd of May and  any and all of our members are invited.


They'll be running an RTV (30/04/11) and a CCV (01/05/11), with camping facilities, plus an offroad driving course with proceeds going to ‘Help Our Heroes’.


If anyone's interested, click the link below to download the flyer in .PDF format


10th Feb 2011 For those of you who haven't yet got yourself a spill kit, Phil Rigg has got hold of a load that exceed MSA requirements for the measly sum of £3.50 each. If you want one he will be at Hawshaw trial this Sunday, 13th February 2011 or you can either give him a ring on 07766 545822 or email
7th Feb 2011

Just a quick note to say that we raised another £215.00 from the proceeds of the Dutch auction on the annual dinner/night out. Thanks again for your continued support!

Also congratulations to Dave Hemming who takes the prize for most drunken bum of the evening, literally hands down. Seemingly he'd had so much to drink, he woke up next to the wife (fair enough), got up, went outside, into the next room and went to the toilet in their en-suite (bad enough you might think) and THEN fell asleep, sat there, until they came back to their room and found him!!!. We salute you as a master of your art!! That ones going to take a bit of beating!!


19th Jan 2011

This is a picture of a nice new front axle, lovingly reworked by one of our merry band of warriors (No Name, No Pack-Drill) to fit to his rebuild. For some reason, however, it just wouldn't fit!

Anyone care to spot the deliberate mistake?

Answers on a postcard once you've stopped laughing!!


11th Jan 2011 Huge thanks for the generosity of all Pennine, Croc and Red Rose members who took part in our charity fundraiser for little Robin's operation on Sunday 9th January at our Catlow event. I can confirm that the amount raised already is £834.35 and it's not all in yet!. Again, thanks to all and I'll let you know the final total once available.

If anyone would like to know a bit more about Robin and how the fundraisings going, you can visit his website at


23rd Dec 2010 Pennine's Annual Dinner and Night Out (P*ss up) is fast approaching. This year it is to be on the right side of the hill (Yorkshire!!) and will be in Slaithwaite on 5th February 2011. We will be meeting at 6.30pm onwards in the Commercial pub in the centre of the village. First will be a curry at the Monsoon Restaurant, also in the centre of the village (One of the few Indian restaurants in the whole of Yorkshire to appear in the Good Food Guide). This will be followed by the ritual, and arguably obligatory, pub crawl until the wee small hours (and we've got several real ale pubs in the line up).

There'll be a raffle on the night in support of the club's nominated charity, namely Robin's Dreams, set up to help little Robin Carter get the 45K operation he needs to help with his walking, which the NHS, in their infinite humanity, refuse to pay for.

For those wanting accommodation there is the Pennine Manor Hotel (Click for Details and Directions) about 1 1/2 miles from the village or alternatively the Wharfeside Inn (Click for Details and Directions), actually in the village, also has 6 B&B, en-suite rooms

6th Dec 2010 We need a clerk of course for Catlow on the 9th January 2011. If you fancy a bash and want to get yourself ten championship points in front right from the off, give Mark Barnes a ring on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718
2nd Dec 2010 North Wales LRC are hosting the 12 Counties Open Comp. Safari on 3rd April 2011 at Bryngwyn Farm. For anyone interested, you need to book now as there is a 40 place limit on competitors. Entries are £40 and will cover a total of 40 miles in the course of the day (bit of a theme there!!).

Dave Mitchell will be C of C (You know!!, the Welsh Hill Rally organiser chappie!!). If you fancy a bash, contact Stuart Guy on 07933 795275 or email

25th Nov 2010 Pennine's AGM is looming!! This will be at the White Swan pub in Hebden Bridge (partly because it's fairly central for everyone, but mainly because it's a real ale pub) and will take place on 20th December 2010. It kicks off at 8.00pm sharp(ish) so please try to be a bit early so you've already got a beer (or two) and a seat by then. 

23rd Nov 2010 Hello Ed!! Got A New Motor??

Ed Roe's turned out in his new toy (The latest product from the MB62 Motorsport stable) in time for Tong.    Click Here for Pics

18th Nov 2010 Please, Please, Please, Please send in your Photo's from Tong. I haven't got any for the site as I was dragged away by family responsibilities. Email your pics to
18th Nov 2010 Remember that from January 1st 2011, all powder extinguishers are banned by order of the MSA. You must present your motor with and AFFF Foam extinguisher instead

Also, from the same date, a new MSA rule requires all CCV entrants to carry a spill kit (dei moggien litteren). Apparently you can get them on Ebay for about £6

11th Oct 2010 Here we see Andy Smith's missus at Whitworth, suffering from spontaneous narcolepsy, (incredibly whilst he was jacking the motor up and down, putting on some more gruesome rubber). Apparently he had to eventually slam the back door before she could regain conciousness
24th Sept 2010

Warning !!. Warning !!. Alarm!!. Alarm!!.

The date and venue of our next event has changed!!.

Because the Cock O' The North Challenge date clashed with events in at least two other clubs, our Tong event has now been moved to 14th November and the Cock O' The North Challenge to Haggate on the 12th December (This was thought to be a more accessible venue for attending clubs), so that all who want to, can attend these events.

The next Pennine event will now be Whitworth on 10th October instead.

27th Aug 2010 WARNING, WARNING


NTL Round 6 will now be held at Hartington Quarry, between Buxton and Ashbourne on 12th September 2010.

Click for Directions

18th Aug 2010 Those of you that made it to Outlane will have seen a chap wandering around taking pictures with a very professional looking camera. This was Paul Inskip who is a specialist Sports Photographer. His work will be available to view on his website and can be purchased for a small fee if you see something you like. Contact Paul on 07932 636464 or email
17th Aug 2010 Has anyone got any pics from Sunday 15th August day out in Haworth that I can nick and post up on the website?. Couldn't get there myself due to grandparental (Yep, THAT OLD!!) responsibilities "darn sarf mate".

Please send anything you have to

11th Aug 2010 New Page, which may become a permanent feature. It has been added to honour Man-Duck Dearnley's slipping off his recent trophy run pedestal.

Click Here To See "It Must Be Christmas!!"

10th Aug 2010 Those of you that made it to Outlane will have seen a chap wandering around taking pictures with a very professional looking camera. This was Paul Inskip who is a specialist Sports Photographer. His work will be available to view on his website and can be purcahsed for a small fee if you see something you like. Contact Paul on 07932 636464 or email
24th July 2010

We've organised a Pennine day out to Haworth on Sunday 15th August 2010 for a bit of social sightseeing and to ride the railway, trying out the train bar and the station pubs along the way. Anyone who's interested should contact Barnes'y on 07866 506521 or 01282 703718 (Don't ring whilst Corrie's on though!)

Click here for write up and links for Haworth

12th July 2010 By popular request we have a new page on the site, entitled the "I Beat Barnes'y" Club and is dedicated to all those who have forced him to utter those immortal words "I Was Robbed". This page can be found by linking from Bottom Box index page and also by a permanent link on the right side of the home page.

Click Here to go to the "I Beat Barnes'y" Club

23rd June 2010

It's Official!!. The Prophecy has been fulfilled!!    

(Read the Prophecy)

On 17th October 2010, Pennine finally goes back to it's home site at Tong after years of absence

18th Jun 2010 James Shaw's nickname is POOKIE!!
27th May 2010

I'm after a temporary loan of some specific back issues of Bottom Box to complete the back catalogue on Bottom Box Online. If you're a long time, or former member of this club, please have a mooch around under your bed and see if you've got any of the following old issues. (You can have them back, utterly unharmed, with the utmost speed. I just want to scan out the articles and any jokes). The missing issues are : -

2002 onwards - 196 upwards

1987 - 92, 95 and 99      

1986 - 82 and 85       

1985 - 76 and 78     

1980-81 - 27 thru 35 inclusive

Pre 1980 - 1 thru 25 inclusive

If you have or know anyone who has all or anyone of these, please let me know on . Cheers. Ade

27th Apr 2010 From hereafter there will be a new feature on the homepage called "Adolf The Scrutineer's Pet Peev Of The Month". Aside from the usual stuff, each month, your scrutineer will also be specifically checking that your motor complies with that months "pet peev".
20th Apr 2010

The NTL is back on!!.  First event will be Shrophires at Hawkstone Folly on 15-16th May. (Directions)

Don't forget that you will need to get a Clubmans license (On the Cross Country Section of the Application Form, at £23) to compete in the Northern League Inter-club competition. (If you're only doing the one hosted by your own club then you don't need to bother though!!) An application form can be obtained or completed online at : -

12th Apr 2010 The First Round of the NTL Championship has been postponed due to problems with the MSA licenses. The scheduled L&C event is still taking place on 18th April 2010 at Hawshaw (Directions) as planned but has been downgraded to a standard club event. Having said that, anyone who wants to, is still more than welcome to go along though. The L&C leg of the NTL will now be held at the end of the event schedule, most likely in August.

2) N.C.O.R.T.C are running a CCV at Crosshills (Directions) on 18th April 2010. All Pennine members are invited to attend.


29th Mar 2010

The MSA, in their Infinite wisdom have changed their requirements for licensing our Northern League inter-club competition and it will now be a National B event rather than just an ordinary event. (Get us, Aren't we Posh!!). What this means, however, for our illustrious combatants, is that they will need to get a Non-Race Clubmans license (On the Cross Country Section of the Application Form, at £23) to compete in the Northern League Inter-club competition. If you're only doing the one hosted by your own club then you don't need to bother though!!


An application form can be downloaded at



Or you can apply online at

20th Mar 2010 We all know that Bronco Tyres went to the wall last year making Grizzly Claw's and Diamond Back's hard to find. Well, I've found someone still selling Grizzly's at £81 each (big thanks to LRM!). You can click this link and go to the link below and buy them online! 


11th Mar 2010 Phil Rigg's bought Linol's Custom built Class 4 trialler. (God knows what that cost him, it was 7K to build!!). Phil's field will be getting a might cluttered now, there's at least four motors in there that I know of!. Time to liquidate some assets methinks.
14th Feb 2010 The day of our Hawshaw event is exactly 28 years to the day since Keith Normington (108) set off for a Pennine event only to roll his road motor on Widdop Road after skidding on ice without ever getting to turn a wheel in anger. (Still, at least it gives you chance to check your chassis for holes without getting mucky scrabbling around on the floor!!)

MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718