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Other Club's Events



JAN 8TH                                          CATLOW

FEB 12TH                                        ROCKINGSTONES         Clive / Steve W

MAR 12TH                                     HAGGATE                   Tom Bolland / Russ Berry

APRIL 9TH                                      CROSSHILLS                  Andy Wilcox / Austin Berry

MAY 6TH & 7TH                           INCE                                             ????

MAY BANK 27TH -29TH           MATT LEE’S                              All

JUNE 11TH                                    CATLOW                       Mark Barnes / Clive + 1more

JULY 23RD                                     BROTHERTON            Andy Berry / Lindsey

AUG 13 TH                                    MOW COP                   Phil Rigg /  Paul Barnes

AUG BANK 26TH-28TH           ANGLESEY                     All

SEPT 24TH                                   BUXTON                          Dave Billings  +1

OCT 8TH                                       WHIWORTH                  Martin Foilds / James Pate

NOV 12TH                                   ?                    ????            

DEC 10TH                            HAGGATE           Matt Russel / Howard Jackman


Pennine Land Rover Club Events

10th January             Catlow

Clerk of Course       Andy  W/ Tom B

14thFebruary      Rockingstones  

Clerk of Course       Clive / Steve W

13th March                Haggate

Clerk of Course       Matt R / Brent T

10th April                  Crosshills

Clerk of Course      Martin F / +1

7th & 8th May              Ince

Clerk of Course       Phil R / Chris B

28, 29, 30th May     Loversall Farm, Loversall, Doncaster

Clerk of Course       All

12th June         Catlow

Clerk of Course       James B / Steve Ash

17th July         Brotherton

Nearest Postcode: WF11 9EX

Clerk of Course       Midi / Dave Bolland ?

7th August       Mow Cop

Clerk of Course       Tony / Andy B

27,28, 29th August  Anglesy North Wales

Clerk of Course        All

18th September   Buxton  

Clerk of Course  Dave Billings + 1

9th October       Whitworth

Clerk of Course        Mark B / + 1


13th November             Haggate

Clerk of Course    Andy Wilcox + Russ Berry

11th December             Crosshills

Clerk of Course     Clive + Steve Waterfield  





MSA and ARC club members are welcome to come along and join our events. Phone Mark on 07866 506521 / 01282 703718